Welcome to Jeff McNamara Law

Jeff McNamara Law specializes in corporate counsel and litigation, providing individualized corporate counsel and litigation services to clients on a daily basis since 1989. His experience extends from original incorporation to daily management of intellectual property matters, litigation, and all forms of business negotiation and contract review.

Jeff_working_AtDesk_0914Since 1989 Mr. McNamara has been involved in all forms of contract negotiation, property management, advising and retaining experts and other attorneys, and managing foreign properties and accounts for his corporate clients.

The goal of advising as a daily corporate counsel for entrepreneurs is that it allows them to build their business while avoiding the loss of their intellectual property and its value.

By maintaining a risk management system that avoids litigation most entrepreneurs can survive and build value to their company and any intellectual property the company develops.

It is our opinion that Mr. McNamara’s past litigation experience is a fundamental part of what he offers and is the best way to deter expensive litigation that destroys the company.