Negotiation – Mediation – VS. Litigation

General Litigation: Avoidance and Survival-Confidential Executive Matters:

Mr. McNamara has been involved in litigation matters since 1989 and has appeared as named litigation counsel in Federal District Court, Washington State Superior Court and District and Municipal courts in King County. McNamara Law Office is focused on small to mid sized corporations and executive-owners. Litigation avoidance and strong negotiation skills are utilized to help smaller companies and their owners survive and thrive in competition, negotiation or litigation with larger multi national corporations.

Mr. McNamara has been retained in all types of corporate and executive related matters since 1989 that include, defense of all types of lawsuits, motion practice, and trials including but not limited to creditor rights, corporate litigation, out of state litigation, death cases, entertainment asset litigation, trusts and estate litigation, construction litigation, intellectual property litigation, onsite negotiation during disputes, and asset division and pre-marriage planning negotiations for clients.

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